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Easy, Intuitive, & Intelligent.

Find out how to strengthen your enterprise security by detecting anomalous behavior and taking action in time before any data loss occurs. Through the product demonstration videos, get a view into how LinkShadow detects threats at every point.

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AI-Powered Engine

Ever wondered how Anomalies are detected in AI-based Security tools? What triggers the detection? What Machine Learning Algorithms are running? And how do these algorithms work? Right now, most of these AI-based Security tools are just a black box for the average customer.

We at LinkShadow decided to change the view on how AI/ML is used in cybersecurity. LinkShadow's AI-Powered Engine simplifies the complexity of Machine Learning and AI-based tools by empowering Security Teams to have full control over the process, right from the collection and enrichment to creating detection models and visualization.

AI-Powered Engine, UEBA, NDR