Time to combat advanced threats with LinkShadow.

NDR Cyber Mesh Platform

CMSA is a comprehensive approach to cybersecurity that aims to provide a more robust and dynamic defense system for organizations.


The next-level advancement to enhance security operations, elevate user experience and to simplify the complexity of AI-based tools.

TrafficSense Visualizer & AttackScape Viewer

It pays to know the source of the threat and the type of threat too. Find out how that's possible.

Identity Intelligence

Looks can be deceiving and that holds true for cyber-attacks too. Discover a way to identify potential threats before it's too late.

Asset AutoDiscovery

Attackers don't take breaks and so you shouldn't too. See how you can safeguard your assets at all times.

BlockCount Ratio

Have you ever wondered why threats bypass even the best security defenses? Find out how you can change that.


ThreatShadow presents CISOs with an overall compilation of AI from all the Machine Learning algorithms built into the system, ...

ThreatScore Quadrant

Do you know which anomaly is most dangerous to the organization? Detect threats, learn and adapt, keep track of everything, prioritize.