User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA)

Stay Ahead of Insider Threats

LinkShadow UEBA (User and Entity Behavior Analytics) benefits organizations by providing advanced threat detection and prevention capabilities. It analyzes user and entity behavior patterns to identify anomalies and potential security breaches, helping organizations proactively mitigate risks. LinkShadow UEBA also helps in improving incident response by providing real-time alerts and actionable insights for faster remediation.

Key Features

User and Entity Behavioural Analytics (UEBA) can analyze patterns of user behavior and identify any anomalies or suspicious activities. This allows organizations to detect potential threats and security breaches in real-time, enabling them to take immediate action to mitigate risks.
It can help identify insider threats by monitoring user activities and detecting any unusual or malicious behavior. By analyzing user behavior and comparing it to established baselines, LinkShadow UEBA can flag any deviations that may indicate unauthorized access or data exfiltration.
It provides organizations with valuable insights into the context and scope of security incidents. By correlating user behavior with security events, LinkShadow UEBA can help incident response teams understand the full extent of an incident, enabling them to respond quickly and effectively.
It can be used to identify fraudulent activities by analyzing user behavior patterns. By monitoring user activities, LinkShadow UEBA can detect any unusual or suspicious behavior that may indicate fraudulent transactions or activities, helping organizations prevent financial losses and protect their customers.
It can assist organizations in meeting regulatory compliance requirements and managing risks effectively. By monitoring user behavior and detecting any policy violations or non-compliant activities, LinkShadow UEBA can help organizations identify and address potential compliance issues before they escalate.
It can provide organizations with valuable insights into user behavior and system performance. By analyzing user activities and identifying any inefficiencies or bottlenecks, LinkShadow UEBA can help organizations optimize their operations and improve productivity. Additionally, LinkShadow UEBA can automate the process of detecting and investigating security incidents, saving time and resources for security teams.