Asset AutoDiscovery

Find. Monitor. Alert for Anomalous Behavior.

You may take your eyes off your network, but rest assured we won't. With the dynamic nature of the network environment, it is fundamental to continuously monitor and collect real-time data across systems, to adapt your security program and better protect the business.

LinkShadow allows you to classify nodes through automated discovery of the entire IT infrastructure within the enterprise, to ensure all assets are protected and up-to-date for the compliance audit. Drill down into the details to answer critical questions around how many systems are managed and unmanaged in your network, do they have endpoint security or not, and what is the type of device.

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Automatically discover all devices across your entire network, providing insight into device type and OS, plus validation of whether devices are managed or unmanaged, and whether endpoint security is installed.
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Use anomaly detection technology built on advanced machine learning, to learn and profile the organization's unique behavior, and alert in real-time on threats that are specific to your network.
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Visualize device connectivity within your network, and identify whether a device is communicating over the right protocols, with the right port numbers.