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Partner Program

Partner for Security Program

Join LinkShadow’s Partner for Security program today to receive optimal support and complete analysis through LinkShadow’s threat hunting platform that is proven to fill the gaps in resources, technology, and process.

Partners are empowered with:

  • 24/7 technical support

  • Regional research and development team support

  • Deal registration to protect opportunities

  • Training and workshops

  • Deal incentives

  • Market Capability

Reseller Partner

LinkShadow Reseller Partners are enabled with a full-fledged behavioral analytics and threat hunting platform designed to hunt, detect, and stop internal and external threats using machine learning algorithms.


Linkshadow MSSPs are facilitated with a user-friendly LinkShadow MSSP module that allows for managing multiple deployments with ease. It also minimizes management overhead, maximizes protection, and ensures Return of Investment.

Technology Partner

LinkShadow Technology Partners are equipped with holistic visibility and automated response capabilities in a unified view. They also receive external insights from other LinkShadow Technology Partners through LinkShadow’s out-of-box integration.

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