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Attack Surface Attack Surface

Attack Surface

Attack surfaces are growing faster than security teams can challenge – to maintain organizations' security. Teams must know what’s exposed and where attackers are most likely to attack since modern attack surfaces are growing more extensive and complex. Organizations cannot understand those threats or the associated risks without visibility into how attack scenarios are created and evolve and which technologies or vulnerabilities were involved in such a threat.

Attack surfaces powered by metaverse enable organizations to understand their attack surfaces through a rich visualized dashboard that allows teams to identify any vulnerabilities, then remediate and manage risks quickly through different phases or processes as follows:

  • Identification of all assets whose vulnerabilities can fuel cyberattacks.

  • Classification of assets based on their susceptibility to compromise.

  • Prioritization of high-risk segments.

  • Prioritization of remediation and associated flaws.

  • Constant monitoring to detect any new security gaps.

  • Identify and reduce Shadow IT Risks.

Adopting the Attack surface powered by metaverse allows organizations to:

  • Reduce the assets’ noisy alerts by identifying the threats related to the organizations’ assets.

  • Make organizations ready by turning team insights into actions through rich APIs, built-in reporting, and integration with other technology partners.

  • Gain insights into hidden risks and feed threat intelligence with more data.